Best Coffee in Los Angeles

Best Coffee in Los Angeles

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Have you ever wondered where you can find the best coffee in Los Angeles? I was trying to figure out the same thing and then I discovered the most incredible Los Angeles coffee club. Yes, you got that right, a coffee club! What’s amazing is that they explore all of the coffee shops across Los Angeles to help you find that distinct artisan coffee that matches your taste. They choose their favorite coffee each month and have it delivered to your address. They pack the locally roasted coffee in a personalized box and ship it to your doorstep the first of each month. What’s inside the box? 12 ounces of a specialty coffee bean from a premier coffee shop of their choice, which is equivalent to 30 cups of coffee, a back story of the coffee shop, and they also include a surprise or two inside the box every month. I found this model to be very exciting! They make sure that the coffee is top quality. They taste all of the varieties of coffee that the store has to offer and try to find the best flavors to match your preference.

 Knowing this, I went ahead and joined the coffee club. This is the best coffee club! They focus on small, local coffee shops that roast their own coffee beans in small batches to bring out the best flavor of the coffee bean wherein large batch of roasters are unable to achieve this. The coffee club was founded in Los Angeles. They have 2 goals; The first is to help people discover the best coffee shops in LA, elevating their coffee experience and allowing them to enjoy better coffee. This experience is priceless. It makes me feel valued as a member and nothing comes close to it. Their second goal is to help local coffee roasters get their coffee in the hands of thousands of consumers across Los Angeles that are dying to discover their next favorite coffee shop. What a great discovery! Rokah Coffee Club is unparalleled with its goal and nothing can compare to the quality of the locally roasted, specialty coffee they curated in Los Angeles.

This month,November, they are featuring The Boy & The Bear Specialty Coffee Roastery which was established in 2012. The Boy & The Bear comes from a Swedish Lullaby about friendship. Their coffee shops look Nordic even though they sell only Colombian coffee. They are known for getting their own coffee beans in Colombia. There’s no middleman because the owner gets the coffee beans directly from friends in Colombia. They have 2 coffee shops, one is located in Redondo Beach which is called the Black Store and the other is in Culver City which they call the Grey Store. Their stores are inspired by Swedish Design Concepts. Rokah Coffee club chose Light and Dark, Natural and Organic, and Pink Bourbon from The Boy & The Bear. Light and Dark is The Boy & The Bear blend. The Boy & The Bear is a connection between a bunch of different cultures, not just Swedish and Colombian. It doesn’t matter where we are. We are all connected. That’s how Rokah Coffee Club chooses the coffee to bring customers in Los Angeles. They truly serve the best coffee in Los Angeles.

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