Kitchen Equipments You Shall Need When Opening A Café!

Kitchen Equipments You Shall Need When Opening A Café!

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Everyone wishes to open a café of their own. The chatter of the people, books, brewing coffee, music and beautiful décor makes the coffee houses always the perfect places to meet friends and dates.

But what goes into the kitchen of a café is never thought of by us. If you have been long planning to open up a coffee house and are finally starting to put things together, here is a beginner’s guide on the kitchen equipments you shall need to open up a café!

Coffee machines and grinder

When talking of café a coffee machine is a must. And of course this one needs to be highly capacitated and professional. As almost 30% of the sale of coffee will be Espresso you will need a drip coffee maker for that perfect brew. Additionally having an espresso machine to make mocha, latte and cappuccino are required too. For all of this function the café will need an industrial coffee grinder that grinds the perfect coffee!

Microwave ovens and toasters

To complement the hot drinks there needs to be a ready counter of food that can be warmed up and served. Some cafes are designed to provide already baked items while others like to bake fresh cookies, pastries, brownies etc for the customers. In any case having a good microwave oven of industrial standards is a must. In a café that experiences more than hundred people per day – a regular microwave won’t suffice.

Gas Stove

For freshly prepared food in the café a gas stove is an essential. Gas stove comes in a range of burner for industrial use. Having at least 6-8 burner stove is essential to handle a commercial kitchen. These are specially designed Restaurant equipment near Miami which can be installed in any restaurant for operation of commercial kitchens.

Prep stalls

A prep stall is one which has two sections, one where the ingredients are kept fresh and reayd and the other where the dish is actually prepared by assorting the ingredients. These stalls help the chefs in preparing a number of dishes at a go. A sandwich prep stall helps make several sandwiches with ingredients handy! It’s a must for every café!

From good refrigeration system, sitting arrangements to having quality storage of cooked dishes, a café is very much a labor that needs quality and standards in food and coffee. Make sure you have the best equipments to serve the customers the delights in the freshest way!

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