The Best Things that Las Olas Boulevard Offers

The Best Things that Las Olas Boulevard Offers

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Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale is home to beautiful homes and stunning yachts. Its spectacular landscape and beautiful people make the boulevard of Las Olas a dining, nightlife, and shopping destination in South Florida.

Read on to know more about this beautiful boulevard.


Las Olas offers diners a delectable experience. You can choose to eat out under the immaculately lined palm trees and stars, or in a formal space, you have endless choices no matter your palate. Whatever American food you prefer to eat, dining on Las Olas is something you will remember forever.

In terms of bars in the boulevard, they all try to stand above the rest, offering an unparalleled level of service. Want American comfort foods with exciting flavors? There is a restaurant in Las Olas that will surely satisfy your cravings.

What to Do

Las Olas is where you see and experience great beaches. If you love the waters, you should not miss the Jungle Queen Riverboat which is only steps from Las Olas. There is a good reason why Fort Lauderdale is called the Venice of America and Las Olas is where you can enjoy endless waterways.


There are parties everywhere in Las Olas. Whether it is a live band at the beach, a calming lounge, a private party, the boulevard provides something for all. The best bars in Fort Lauderdale are in this place and some of them are dedicated to all things music. Want to attend weekly events or weekend parties? The boulevard is alive every day of each week. Parties are made more fun with the bottomless offers at the bars.


Las Olas is the grandest destination for vacationers and locals in Fort Lauderdale. Although the Riverside Hotel is the only hotel on the boulevard, there are many world-class establishments here. From the Villa Venezia to the W Hotel Fort Lauderdale on the beach, vacationers have endless accommodation options which provide style and comfort.


Anyone who visits Las Olas cannot resist shopping. The many fascinating boutiques and shops are too interesting not to explore. These include the Flora Ottimer Children’s Boutique, Maus & Hoffman, Zola Keller, and more. Whether you want to buy an evening wear, an office wear, or a beach wear, you can find it on this historic boulevard. Begin your morning shopping in the boulevard and visit local galleries tin find amazing collections of international art.

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