Visiting A Sugar Shack In Quebec? Check This Guide!

Visiting A Sugar Shack In Quebec? Check This Guide!

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Some of the best maple syrups in the world come from Canada, and a considerable part of that produce comes from Quebec and adjoining areas. It’s rather not surprising that Quebec has a few popular sugar shacks. For the uninitiated, a sugar shack is where the sap from maple tree is boiled to get the maple syrup. This is a conventional thing that locals do in spring, which they call the ‘sugaring-off ritual’.

For the longest time, sugar shacks have been welcoming guests during springtime, which becomes the time for celebrations with traditional food, and maple-based pies and desserts. Sugar shacks like also offer amazing outdoor activities and the choice to celebrate your special occasions during the season. If you are visiting a sugar shack for the first time in Quebec, here are some of the things worth knowing.

What to do at a sugar shack?

Eat! Yes, you read that right. Most of the places have a customized and personalized menu that changes every single day. The food is just AMAZING in one word, at least at the decent places. Everything is usually homemade, and meals usually start with pea soup, followed by meat pies or tourtière, eggs, sausages, fresh breads, baked beans, cretons and fried pork. Don’t be surprised to find that people dip their food in maple syrup, because that’s what locals do. In desserts, you will find everything from maple donuts to sugar pie and special desserts like pancakes. Shacks also promote what’s called the ‘maple taffy on the snow’. This is more of a ritual than a recipe. It starts with pouring warm syrup on snow, as the syrup settles down, you can use a popsicle stick to make a special stick that must be consumed immediately.

Plan your events at a sugar shack

Quebec sugar shacks do have special banquet halls and outdoor areas, where you can plan anything and everything, like weddings and personal events. We, however, recommend that you book in advance and check if the shack has a personal catering service. It is also a good idea to consider booking your stay in advance, which is suggested by most locals. The best cabins are booked way ahead of spring, so start early.

Also, do enjoy other things like a visit to the farm and hiking, which are activities that are offered by selected sugar shacks. For the spring, this is worth enjoying with your family.

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